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Thank you for choosing Heart and Brain Center of Texas Inc for your healthcare needs. It is our goal to provide convenient and efficient methods to resolve account balances for services provided throughout our health center. Our Customer Service team is eager to assist you with any billing questions.  Should a self-pay balance due on your account age beyond fourteen days you may receive a letter and a phone call from us to assist with resolution of your account.  Our staff are committed to assist you in understanding the options that may be available to keep your balance from aging beyond normal ranges.  Early resolution of your account allows Heart and Brain Center of Texas Inc to provide service without passing on the cost of your care to other patients.


Heart and Brain Center of Texas customer service is committed to assist patients through a variety of language needs. Non-English speaking patients will be assisted through an interpretation service at the time of the call.


Please contact us at (713) 988-8500 for any questions or concerns.